Electronic Media Services

Electronic Media Services

Satellite Media Tours Satellite Media Tours (SMT’s) are an effective method of gaining maximum exposure for your celebrity or company spokesperson’s message in a minimal amount of time. Live Star arranges studio time for your newsmaker and organizes consecutive interviews via satellite with major market, national and international broadcast media.
Video Highlights Packages A Video Highlights Package (VHP) provides necessary footage and sound bites in a package for review by television producers who wish to create their own piece including your news and/or newsmaker. VHP’s can also used for industry or corporate award presentations, and for reference on talk shows when your spokesperson is a guest.

Video Conferencing When your business requires the support of robust video conferencing facilities, Live Star can assemble people from around the globe via satellite for an effective meeting or conference.
Streaming Video To reach Internet users with your message or event, Live Star compresses video with sound, enabling viewers to see your story without waiting to download huge files. Streaming video can be used on its own or as part of a multi-media broadcast feed.
Webcasts Webcasts are used to broadcast your event, interview or story live to reach Internet viewers directly.

Electronic Press Kit A captivating means of informing a wide range of journalists about your newsmaker, the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) enables members of the media to see your spokesperson in action. The EPK not only entices media to take an interest in your story, but also enables producers to create segments with sound bites, news clips and performance footage provided by the EPK for your talent, event or product.
B-Roll Feeds B-Roll feeds make footage of your news story or talent available to broadcast media around the globe via satellite. Live Star is responsible for filming and editing, coordinating satellites, creating and sending media alerts, and individualizing pitches.


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